Indian Business Owners & SEO in 2022

Indian Business Owners still do not consider the full potential of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Where Business Owners from Western Countries are going full fledge with SEO and Even Top Organisation in India also Investing Heavily in SEO, a large Business Population in India is still testing the power of SEO.

Indian Business Owners and SEO in 2022

Indian Business Owners & SEO - 2022

I have been doing SEO since 2014. I started doing SEO for my organisation TAMS Studies for English Language Classes Promotion. I got great results and I have been making profits since that day.

After impressive results and getting good ROI from SEO, I started a company called which is not one of the best Business Directories in the world. We have helped many business owners get more and more organic leads with SEO and Integrated Digital Marketing.

We took SEO to a new level with Integrated Digital Marketing.

in 2017, we started a service called OCOCOC. OCOCOC has been a paradigm shift in Business Directory services. We could beat JustDial, Sulekha and Indiamart where we got the client for OCOCOC.

I could rank many of my clients and myself as one of the Best SEO Experts in India.

Our SEO Results Speak Louder Than Us

You can see our video our SEO Results from JustBaazaar

The video clearly demonstrates the SEO Results we have delivered in India.

We have clients from all over the country.

We are hoping to serve at least 1000 Clients by the end of 2023 with our flagship service called OCOCOC.

SEO Results Speak For Themselves

We Started Teaching SEO to the Whole World

After the experience of almost 8 years, we started teaching SEO in 2021.

We have world-class LMS to provide a world-class educational experience to our SEO Learners. You can start HERE for FREE. We are providing a course called Digital Career Blueprint worth Rs 5999 for FREE.

Best SEO Coach in India

But, This is About The Business Owners in India and Their Understanding

Indian Business Owners still do not really understand SEO and its benefits. Somewhere they learn that SEO is very beneficial. They talk to a great number of SEO professionals in India.

They think that SEO is magic and they expect the results in just 30 Days.

Indian Business Owners Know Everything about SEO

I have come across some business owners who say that know a great deal about SEO and if they have the time they can do it themselves. However, they hire me or someone as they still expect some magical results in just 30 days.

These Business Owners Do Not Understand The Real SEO, Fact That SEO Takes Time, and They Should Continue with SEO.

SEO Needs Consistency

As it is mentioned in the heading, These business owners take SEO Lightly and stop paying the SEO Professional for SEO Service. From the day they start SEO Service, they have grave doubt about whether the SEO Professional is doing something or not. They keep watering their negative thoughts.

When they stop SEO Services, they even put much blame on the SEO professionals.

This is the Current Situation For Indian Business Owners and SEO

What You Think You Get!!

Think Positive To Get Positive Results

The Rule of thinking and getting applies to everything in the world and so is the case with SEO. As these business owners have negative thoughts about SEO and SEO Professionals it impacts the whole scenario and even results.

They do not give enough time to SEO Professionals to develop results and generate more organic leads.

What Should Indian Business Owners Do?

If you are a business owner and want to grow your business with SEO, you should follow the below SIX steps:

  1. Have faith that SEO is a great thing and it gives results.

  2. Find the Best SEO Expert in India - Do not find the agency, Find SEO Expert

  3. Have an agreement signed - Email Communication is the best for the final agreed terms.

  4. Pay the value SEO Professional is asking

  5. Now, follow the advice of the SEO professional and wait for the time that SEO Professional ask you.

  6. Be active supporter of your SEO Professional and keep having positive supportive and relevant communication

What are the Possibilities of SEO for Indian Business Owners?

As I mentioned in the starting Some Smart and Futuristic Business Owners from all over the world are investing heavily in SEO to tap the marketing, it is obvious that there is a great scope with SEO for Indian business Owners as well.

Create an SEO Ecosystem with SEO for Your Business.

In The Below Video, I have explained in Detail How to Create an SEO Ecosystem For Your Business.

The Best SEO Service for Local Business Owners So that They Can Rule Their Business Category.

OCOCOC is The Best SEO Service in the world for Business Owners who have concluded that their customers/Clients/Students are looking for their services and products on a Search Engine like GOOGLE.